Pizza Party!! Part 2: CSA Appreciation

Yes, it is true: an earthen oven is inherently valuable unto itself as a tool, object and art form. However, when you put it to use and see what miracles it can achieve, well that is all the more reason to celebrate the beautiful structure! And that is exactly what we did for our first annual CSA appreciation Pizza Party.

After a hurried build of our clay oven, it was prepped and ready come 6 pm, October 16th. But the fun and the work was far from over. Brendan, our talented clay oven architect, was also our pizza guru for the night. We told him to expect 100 guests, which was the upper limit for pizza parties he had hosted in the past, but again, he welcomed the challenge. He arrived early in the afternoon to begin the fire in the oven and to prep the pizza fixins. The night before he made the (most delicious) dough, and Friday afternoon was more about the salad and the toppings. In order to connect the guests with their food and to create more of an experience, we had a ‘make-your-own’ personal pizzas with pre-baked bases.

When the guests finally arrived, the temperature was already dropping, but the clay oven was kickin out heat like you wouldn’t believe, and those pizzas… oh, those pizzas! Fresh mozzarella, parmesan, goat’s cheese, chorizo, ham, pepperoni, and tons of toppings from the farm like spinach, kale, tomatoes, onions, leeks, beets, and more. Cider and donuts went over well for dessert, and the bonfire was the natural gathering place, especially with the descending cold.

As part of the appreciation, Robin Hills held a lottery for CSA members, awarding six lucky participants with $50 gift certificates usable for next year’s CSA, farmer’s market cash, future retail items, etc. The event concluded with a special guest appearance from “The Lady Bugs,” a group of talented musicians and singers who serenaded the guests as dusk rolled in. Thank you to all the CSA members, to Brendan and Shana, to the Ladybugs, and to RHF staff for such a unique and enjoyable event!

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